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EFN's mission is to empower university entrepreneurs through mentoring. Our cadre of over 150 volunteer mentors are successful business people who take pride in giving back. Get involved as a team we mentor, as a new mentor or as a university partner.

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Hear what our student entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs that we have supported, mentors and educators say about their mentorship experience and working with EFN. Are you a promising young entrepreneur looking for a top notch mentor?

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Ned Tozen, President and Founder, d.light.

"EFN's mentor, John Schram, mentored us when we were students at Stanford Business School. We're now enabling over 1 million people to upgrade from kerosene to solar light every single month! I feel really privileged to have a chance to work with John first as a mentor and later as an advisor.”

Samir Mayekar, CEO, SiNode Systems, MBA Candidate, Northwestern University

" Lee Bruno, our EFN mentor and Director at E-Cubed Ventures benefited our team greatly because of his knowledge of the battery market and introductions he made to battery experts." SiNode won the 2013 Department of Energy National Business Plan Competition and the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition.

Eric Green, M.D. iLabs, Boston

"Our EFN mentor, Stephanie Marrus, was a huge help in developing our venture's plans when we attended Stanford Medical School, but she also taught us about the process of entrepreneurship. The experience helped lead me into a career building life science companies, and I am happy to return the favor as a mentor myself now."

Brad Burke, Managing Director, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

"Our surveys show that the teams in the Rice Business Plan Competition from the World’s top universities place a very high value on the business mentoring EFN provides. We look forward to continuing to offer high quality mentorship to RBPC teams in partnership with EFN."

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Our Universities

EFN has the privilege to partner with more than ten leading universities to support their venture mentoring activities. We often work with more than one program within a school. We seek to partner with other high caliber universities that wish to broaden their mentorship programs.

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Our Mentors

Our mentors are successful business people that participate in EFN to give back. Our members are active mentors and subject matter experts and university faculty and staff we work with. Some of our members are very involved, mentoring a few student teams a year, or coordinating a regional EFN group or a specific program, and others may volunteer for a few hours a year as a subject matter expert. Are you a successful business person seeking to mentor high achieving student entrepreneurs?

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EFN Partners with the University of Michigan

For University of Michigan's Center for Venture Capital and Private Equity, this past fall EFN's mentors advised 14 teams on how to commercialize their ideas and technologies.

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Rice University Ranked World's Top University Incubator

EFN runs the mentoring program for the Rice Business Plan Competition, the World's largest. Our mentors support more than 40 top university teams.

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Leaders and Success Stories


Embrace has saved countless babies in the developing world with their low cost infant warmer.

Embrace, founded at Stanford in 2006, and mentored by EFN's Don Allen, has launched projects at sites in over 10 countries. Embrace has now helped over 10,000 low birth-weight and premature babies.

Adam Marchick

Co-Founder and CEO Kahuna, Co-Founder Glow Foundation, Member Since 2004

Adam is a terrific example of an EFN member. Already an accomplished software professional when EFN mentored his team in 2004 when he attended Stanford Business School, Adam served as a venture investor with Menlo Ventures until 2009 when he joined Bain Capital Ventures (BCV) in Boston. Adam returned to Silicon Valley in 2011 to open BCV’s West Coast office. Also, Adam has given his time and energy to youth and students in important ways. In 2006, he co-founded the Glow Foundation, a non-profit that provides financial education and aid to college-ready, low-income students in Northern California. Adam also gives back as an EFN mentor, most recently mentoring Juntos a personal finance start-up founded at Stanford.

Next Drop

Next Drop is a text message service conceived at UC Berkeley that helps households in India know when water is on the way.

Next Drop, mentored by an EFN mentor Ray Beauchamp, won the 2011 Global Social Venture Competition out of more than 900 teams worldwide. To date, over 25,000 households in India have signed up for the service.


Fortune Magazine Credits EFN's Mentoring Program as Contributing to Success at Rice University

According to Fortune,"for the winners, the money and mentoring they get at Rice are often enough to make the difference between school project and real-life business."