About EFN

member-collage-2Enterprise Futures is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that educates and develops students and researchers in innovation and entrepreneurship to empower the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

EFN is a premiere U.S entrepreneurial mentoring organization, recognized as a leader by universities, foundations, government agencies, and professional associations.

EFN has two programs:  University-based entrepreneurial mentoring  and our iCatalysts Accelerator.

Our entrepreneurial mentor program development and delivery programs empower people to explore and develop their entrepreneurial interests.   iCatalysts’ goal is to give those whom we mentor a bridge to developing real life ventures.

Founded at UC Berkeley in 2003, EFN has 250 mentors, 14 university partners, and relationships with accelerators, corporations, government agencies, and other universities and non-profits throughout the US.

Universities:  Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Indian School of Business, NYU, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis, USC, and the Universities of Michigan, Indiana, Washington and Wisconsin.

EFN strives to advance excellence and leadership in mentoring. We developed and are co-leading a Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurial Mentoring Research Project (KFEMRP) surveying US universities, the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps™ program, and private accelerators.  We are often invited to help leaders in the entrepreneurial field educate their community and to develop or improve their mentoring programs.

“EFN is the glue between all the people out there with expertise and these young teams coming up, and that’s a big source of opportunity for young entrepreneurs, universities and mentors alike.”

David Arscott, Founding Partner Compass Technology Group


Enterprise Futures Network is led by successful entrepreneurs, company, public and non-profit sector executives, university leaders, and technologists dedicated to helping to develop entrepreneurial leaders using the power of innovation to create a better future.