Future 500 Challenge

Imagine if we could grow EFN from 250 mentors today to 500 mentors by 2018 while maintaining the quality and commitment of our community. Imagine giving the gift of mentoring to 1000 students a year, empowering 400 more students yearly. Imagine providing our mentoring program to 10 more universities, raising the number of our university partners to 25. To accomplish this goal, we need your help -- to apply t... Read More »

Diversity and Inclusion Among Entrepreneurs

Research has always shown that the lack of mentors inhibits entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Mentorship, as we all know, is a kind of partnership that, when fully engaged, creates not only accelerated success for the development of a business, but also for the development of the individuals involved in that endeavor, including the mentor! EFN is one of the premiere mentoring organizations in the United States for... Read More »

EFN’s Mentors Empower 200 Africans Competing for $1M

I'm proud of EFN's 16 global partners who are mentoring the best young entrepreneurs in Africa such as those who founded KYTABU. Our new partnership with the African Entrepreneurship Award powered by the Bank of Africa provides many of the mentors for this competition that awards $1M to 10 teams. JB Duler , EFN's co-founder, developed this partnership and will serve as a Presidential Jurist for the finals in December... Read More »

iCatalysts Teams Wow Crowd at Palo Alto EFN Event

EFN’s 2016 iCatalysts  (IC) venture accelerator program graduated ten outstanding teams. The rigorous ten-week program’s aim is to help qualified teams that we mentor in our university programs transition to commercial life.  These teams raised approximately $3M during the program.  The program's capstone was presentations to investors and the EFN community including pitching to 120 guests at EFN's Young Tech... Read More »

Six Rules for Entrepreneurship

We encourage the 600 young entrepreneurs EFN mentors each year to keep these "rules" in mind.  Please share them with entrepreneurs you know. Rule #1.  For every rule, there can be exceptions - that might be illogical, unreasonable, unethical, immoral, or even illegal, or … simply hidden from view. Rule #2. Never take everything anyone says as the “absolute truth”, regardless who that source might b... Read More »

The Joy of Mentoring

The sharing of human experience is basic to our nature as a species. We are hardwired and culturally trained to help others grow, starting with our own children. In our professional lives, we are expected to train new generations of employees, to guide them in learning how to survive and thrive in the workplace. Our social structures depend on our sharing of new ideas and opportunities. Mentoring is a formal pro... Read More »

EFN’s iCatalysts 2015 Team Summer Accelerator Program Graduated 8 Teams

EFN’s summer iCatalysts venture accelerator program had 8 teams including KiLife the winner of the Rice Business Plan Competition, the largest university start-up competition in the World, and Hyliion, who won the US Department of Energy’s University Clean Energy Prize, a prestigious national competition award. To date, the 22 teams in our 2014 and 2015 iCatalysts program have raised over $15 millio... Read More »

Support EFN’s New University programs at Carnegie Mellon, Princeton & USC

This fall EFN launched three more university programs, bringing our number of university partners to 13.   Apply to serve as mentor to support these and other programs. CMU-Silicon Valley VentureBridge helps student teams transition their concepts developed at the university to a startup. The goal is not to incubate companies, but rather to help fledgling companies be prepared to join an incubator or seek angel... Read More »

EFN and University of Michigan Win Kauffman Foundation Grant to Develop Best Practices in Mentoring

In November, the Kauffman Foundation awarded a grant to the University of Michigan and EFN to conduct a survey and interview based research on entrepreneurial mentoring to develop successful mentoring programs for universities. The Kauffman Foundation is one of the largest foundations in America with over $2 billion in its endowment. This year long research project will engage an advisory committee of collaborati... Read More »

EFN Partners with UC Davis to Mentor Innovators at US National Laboratories

June 3rd and 4th and in October EFN is engaging 20 expert mentors as part of a UC Davis program to help innovators from US National Laboratories learn about entrepreneurship. Participants from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories in UC Davis' National Laboratory Entrepreneurship Academy (NLEA) are science and engineering researchers, faculty and students with a research idea... Read More »

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