EFN’s mission is to empower young entrepreneurial leaders. An important objective of EFN is to begin a mentoring relationship with young entrepreneurs during their college years and give these entrepreneurs as opportunity share their stories with new generations of student entrepreneurs. We really like it when entrepreneurs who we have had the opportunity to mentors college students later in their career.


EFN has mentored more than 800 university based teams and more than 1800 students. Our mentors have supported dozens of teams. We provide two types of mentoring programs:


University Program Mentoring


Student teams access EFN mentors through a university program that they participate in, as a business plan competition, course, or campus incubator or accelerator. We support nine universities. If you are considering participating in one of the nine university programs we provide mentorship services to, please work with the university coordinators to access mentoring resources (EFN or non-EFN) through that program. To learn more about these university programs, click here.


Our volunteer mentors mentor the students during the program with access to EFN’s organizational support. This activity includes a range of educational activities including referring students to appropriate references, reviewing, commenting on and discussing their plans and other materials, answering their questions and advising and guiding the students as appropriate.


EFN Venture Mentoring Program


Student teams access EFN mentors by applying to this highly selective program. We accept approximately 10 teams each month for this 16 week program. This program is for teams serious about starting a business or for those that have done so. Teams will be matched to mentors based on mutual preferences expressed by teams and mentors. Teams will normally have between two and four mentors. EFN’s subject matter network will be a resource for specialized expertise and for commercial contacts. Teams and mentors will agree on a work plan, agree to specific commitment and milestones. A panel of mentors will review each team progress every four weeks. The goals of this program are to ready teams to be fundable at an appropriate level. Support is provided in venture development strategy, leadership development, and team building. Graduating teams are given an opportunity to present to a panel of investors.