Entrepreneurs and Inventors

EFN’s mission is to empower young innovators and entrepreneurial leaders. An important objective of EFN is to begin a mentoring relationship with young inventors and entrepreneurs during their college years and give them as opportunity to share their stories with new generations of student inventors and entrepreneurs. We really like it when people who we have mentored in school mentor college students later in their career.

EFN has mentored more than 1000 university based teams and more than 3000 students.  We provide two types of mentoring programs:

University Program Mentoring

Student entrepreneurs and innovators access EFN mentors through a university program that EFN partners with, such as a business plan competition, course, or campus lab, incubator or accelerator. We support 14 universities. If you are considering participating in one of our university programs we provide mentorship services to, please work with the university coordinators to access mentoring resources (EFN or non-EFN) through that program. The mentoring program involves training, structured evaluation and feedback from experts, and access to our community through EFN Online (www.yammer.com/enterprisefuturesnetwork).

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EFN iCatalysts Acceleration Program

Teams access EFN mentors by applying to this highly selective program that is for teams that have started or plan to start a real business. In most cases, teams in our iCatalysts program have graduated from our University Mentoring program. We provide a pre-acceleration program for promising teams that may not yet qualify for our acceleration program. Visit iCatalysts to get more information and to apply.