Kauffman Foundation Mentoring Research

The purpose of the project is to study what helps entrepreneurial mentoring programs thrive.    Research shows that strong and well trained entrepreneurial mentors are a primary factor in the success of early stage ventures.   in 2015 the Kauffman Foundation partnered with the University of Michigan and EFN to bring together several universities and private accelerators to conduct a survey and study on Entrepreneurial Mentoring.

Research Collaborators


The study will provide research collaborators and the entrepreneurial community powerful new insight on mentoring program design and structure for their programs and help mentor programs make decisions on mentor program features including mentor and entrepreneur recruiting and selection, matching, training, and coordination.  Our Research Team Leaders are interested in all types of advising, coaching and mentoring programs both formal and informal.

Key benefits of participating include:

  • Receive all aggregated survey response data from your respondents.
  • Get insights to improve your mentor-based programs.
  • Be a leader in fostering excellence and best practices in entrepreneurial mentoring and advising.
  • Energize your mentorship community of entrepreneurs, students, mentors, faculty, staff and alumni.
  • Be recognized in findings that will be distributed widely, in the press and in academic publications.  For example, the research team will present findings from this study at the Venture Well Conference in Washington D.C.

To join this study by sending surveys out to your entrepreneurs and mentors, please contact Thomas Jensen, EFN’s Executive Director @ tjensen@enterprisefutures.org