Rammohan is and Entrepreneurial committed to create products that transform customer’s lives. He has a unique combination of product vision, technical depth, and start up expertise.

He is the CEO and Co-founder of InnoCentrik consultancy LLP, a product and Innovation consulting firm, which offers Startups and Enterprises with User centric development and experimentation to understand articulated and unarticulated customer needs and utilizing data to measure, inform and iterate to create products that transforms customer’s lives.

Through assessments, coaching, and facilitated trainings, he approaches product and innovation development in a deliberate and integrated way.

He is a well respected and admired ecosystem builder. He mentors at various startups platforms like Startup weekend, Cirtix Accelerator, Startup leadership program etc. He speaks at major conferences on validated learning approach for innovation

Industry Experience

Information technology, retail, consulting


Lean business development, product development, coaching and mentor, training

Universities Mentored For

Duke University, New York University

Rammohan Reddy

Lean Startup Coach, Design Thinking, and Lean Product Management

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

EFN Member Since 2015


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