Steven Messner has 30 years of environmental industry experience in the areas of climate change, greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting and analysis, and clean energy and transportation. Steven is an internationally known expert in the field of GHG accounting, carbon capture and storage, GHG offset methodology development and climate change adaptation planning. Specific areas of expertise include oil and gas production and refining, banking sector strategies, agriculture (composting and manure management), and seaport planning for pollution and emission reductions and sea level rise. He has authored or co-authored several publications on adaptation planning at seaports and coastal regions. He also led the technical support effort for the California Resources Agency's Adaptation Study, a multi-agency review of planning issues to respond to climate change. Steven served as the UK Department of Trade and Industry's expert on project methodologies for the development of the ISO 14064 standards for GHG emissions reporting. He also currently serves on The Climate Registry’s Verification Advisory Group as well as ANSI’s GHG Verification Advisory Committee. He led the development of The Climate Registry's Oil and Gas Production Protocol for GHG reporting and other Registry Protocols. Steven also developed ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems for oil & gas operations in Denmark, Brazil, Vietnam and Azerbaijan.

Steven has helped many clients evaluate emerging clean technology and he has advised dozens of clean energy startups. For example, he leads projects for the City of San Diego, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Ports and state agencies. In his spare time, he coaches a rowing club. Steven holds a BS in Energy Resources (formerly Petroleum) Engineering from Stanford University.

Industry Experience

Energy; Environmental; Consulting


Alternative energy; Alternative fuels; Biofuels; Climate Change; Renewables generation; Sustainability; Vehicles

Universities Mentored For

Rice University, Stanford University , University of Arizona

Steven Messner

e360 Consulting

San Francisco Bay Area

EFN Member Since 2014


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