Mission, Goals and Principles


Our mission is to empower young entrepreneurs and innovators to develop high impact ideas and technologies that improve the World.  We do this by supporting university-based mentor and coach based programs.


Inspire youth to become high impact entrepreneurs and inventors

Support and improve learning within university mentor based programs

Create opportunities for peer to peer and cross generational learning between youth and mid and later stage professionals

Provide education and facilitate learning on social problems and needs and how they can be addressed with entrepreneurship and innovation

Provide education and learning resources on technological solutions

Support continuing education through stages of professional life

Widen the circle of those involved in entrepreneurship and innovation

Expand and grow a vibrant, self-sustaining network serving young entrepreneurs and inventors

Goals and Metrics

Increase the number of students who are positively influenced by mentors

Increase the number of students that start companies

Increase the number and impact of beneficial technologies and ventures

Increase the number of students that join companies as founders

Increase the number of volunteer mentors supporting youth based programs

Organizational Principles

Foster activities that help successful professionals give back to society

Respect and nurture entrepreneurs and inventors

Give back and share wisdom and talents with new generations of entrepreneurs and inventors

Honor volunteers

Encourage high impact and socially beneficial entrepreneurship and invention

Respect privacy of participants

Respect confidentially of protected information

Encourage sharing inspirational and insightful stories and information on inventors, entrepreneurs and ventures EFN  supports

Mentors Conduct

Respect, honor and nurture mentees and fellow mentors

Uphold EFN’s principles

Abide by the mentor code of conduct

Entrepreneurs and Inventors Conduct

Respect and honor mentors and fellow inventors and entrepreneurs

Uphold EFN’s principles

Abide by the entrepreneurs and inventors code of conduct