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EFN provides mentoring program support to 11 top universities.   Our programs vary from designing, developing and operating the team mentoring program, to providing advice and training to teams and mentors, to providing mentors, to conducting surveys in partnership with the universities.     A core part of our service is providing high quality professional volunteers as mentors.  In many cases, we supplement a university’s existing pool of mentors.

EFN also supports university programs with our subject matter experts (SMEs).

The table below highlights the major current programs EFN supports. We also support global competitions and regional programs including the Global Social Venture Competition, a program with university partners that include UC Berkeley and ISB, and the Rice Business Plan Competition – the largest graduate level business plan competition in the World.  Through these global and regional programs,  we have mentored and trained teams from many of the World’s leading universities including Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Northwestern, Stanford, the University of Chicago and from more than twenty other top institutions.

We seek to partner with other universities that wish to broaden their mentorship programs or that want to access our training programs.

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California Institute of Technology EFN is the mentorship partner for Caltech's FLoW energy, clean tech and sustainability competition program. This program led by Caltech's Resnick Sustainability Institute engages experts to mentor teams from Caltech, Stanford, UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, Davis, San Diego and Santa Barbara and other universities nationwide.
Carnegie Mellon University EFN provides mentoring to CMU teams located in Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley.
Duke University Since 2012, supported the Fuqua School of Business's Start-Up Challenge.
Indian School of Business Since 2009 served as mentorship partner for ISB's Global Social Venture Competition. EFN members mentor each team. EFN mentored winners and finalists from ISB's program including SampurnEarth that won the GSVC out of more than 700 teams in 2014.
New York University Since 2013, supported the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge competitions that are run by the Berkely Center for Entrepreneurship in the Stern School of Business at NYU.
Princeton University EFN is the Mentorship Partner for Princeton's National Tiger Launch Competition that is organized by the Princeton Entrepreneurial Club
Rice University Since 2013, served as Mentorship Partner for the Rice Business Plan Competition, the largest business plan competition in the World.
Stanford University EFN provides mentors and advisors that support teams in Stanford's Venture Studio, a campus wide acceleration program that is housed at Stanford Business School.
University of Michigan Since 2013, supported Venture Capital Practicum in the Ross School of Business.
University of California, at Davis Since 2010, partnered with UC Davis to provide mentors to their entrepreneurial academies that are three day programs to introduce inventors to entrepreneurship.
University of Washington, Foster School of Business From 2011 to 2014 EFN served as the mentorship partner for the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition. Currently supporting Foster's Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship and its Global Business Center