Mentors and SMEs

EFN connects high quality business professionals to rewarding  opportunities to mentor or provide specialized expertise as subject matter experts to undergraduate and graduate students at top universities.

Eric green

              Dr. Eric Green, iLab Solutions, Boston

For mentors, EFN’s program generally requires six to eight hours of time from each volunteer over two months. We enroll volunteers either as mentors or associate mentors or subject matter experts. Mentors must have at least 7 years of experience in business management or strategy. Associate mentors or or subject matter experts must have substantial experience in a specific topic(s) that they will mentor on such as marketing, a technology area, or legal or other issues.  Associate mentors should plan on 4 hours of commitment and SMEs should plan on two to four hours of time to support a university team.

Program Features
  • Matching individuals to a wide range of university entrepreneurial programs based on your interests
  • Training mentors and SMEs
  • Facilitating matching with entrants
  • Providing networking and collaboration opportunities with other program participants
  • Sharing post-program surveys of teams and other mentors with all participants
  • Contribute to entrepreneurial education and business creation
  • Improve access and reduce time to become involved with university entrepreneurial and commercialization programs
  • Improve insight into innovation and technology at leading universities
  • Build your network by working with like minded fellow mentors and SMEs
  • Get valuable recognition and increased exposure to universities, faculty and students
  • Connect with talented students to support company recruiting activities

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