EFN mentors over 125 ventures each year.   Overall, EFN has mentored over 1000 teams, more than 150 have been funded raising more than $240 million.

EFN’s iCatalysts Program helps young entrepreneurs coming out of universities strengthen their market position to accelerate their progress with training, mentoring, and acceleration services. 25 teams have graduated from EFN’s iCatalysts. They have raised more than $10 million and 90% are in business today.

Northwestern's Innoblative Designs

Northwestern’s Innoblative Designs

Harvard University's Spouts ofWater

Harvard University’s Spouts of Water

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Other Mentors



D&P Bioinnovations

D&P Bioinnovations is developing an implantable, bioresorbable medical device to regenerate a damaged esophagus. This device aims to treat esophageal cancer patients and pediatric patients suffering from long gap esophageal atresia (birth defect with gaps in the esophagus) and/or caustic ingestion of poisons. Read more…

Derek Dashti Gary Woolfe and Elona Baum Bio-Medical
MDAR Technologies

MDAR has developed a proprietary next-generation 3D scanner that enables machines to see accurately in full outdoor sunlight at video rates— first for 3D scanners. On the road, our technology enables self-driving cars to see faster and more accurately in snow, fog, and on dusty country roads—.  This is a key step for achieving mass-scale adoption of fully-autonomous vehicles. Read more…

Chris Gezon and Alex Wearn Manish Sharma, Mark Weidick Industrial imaging 2015

SampurnEarth envisions a world where waste is transformed into utilizable resources without exploitation of people or the planet. In Mumbai, India, a city of 13 million people, the company provides end-to-end decentralized waste management solutions including recycling and bio gas units for housing societies, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses, etc.  Winner of the Global Social Venture Competition out of 700 teams.  Read more...

Debartha Banerjee Thomas Jensen and Kristen Watkins Recycling, social impact 2014
Nanoly Bioscience

Nanoly’s core product, NanoShield, is a polymeric mesh that encapsulates and protects the vaccine making refrigeration unnecessary which would have huge benefits in parts of the developing world. Winner or finalists of several competitions including the Duke Start up Challenge and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition. Finalist for the Tech Awards.  Read more…

Balaji SridHar, Mark Tibbitt, Nanxi Liu, Peter Matheu, Ting-Ting Zhou, Oyvind Hatlevik and Daniel Alge John Raabo Nielsen, Thomas Jensen Bioscience, vacines 2014
Spouts of Water

The first ceramic water filter factory in Uganda, SPOUTS offers the first effective and affordable household water filters to end users and as the unique opportunity to create paradigm shifts in the clean water sphere in Uganda. Finalist in Rice Business Plan Competition and winner of the Shell Clean Water Prize, Harvard President’s Challenge Finalist, Dell Innovation Challenge, Semi-finalist. Read more….

Kathy Ku, John Kye, Suvai Gunasekaran, Annie McCarthy and Josiah Bonsey Edward Chan-Lizardo, Thomas Jensen, and Duane Dunk Water filtration, social impact 2014

Waave has invented a nanocomposite coating used for water purification, capable of removing heavy metals, radioactive materials and micro-organisms. Semi finalist at Rice Business Plan Competition, finalist at California Dreamin’ competition.  Read more…

Debora Rodrigues, Julia Loennegren, Ivette Rubio , Valeria Bernadac , Sergei Petrov, Eric Beydoun and Daniyal Inamullah Thomas Jensen, Duane Dunk, and Leo Pedersen Water purification 2014

PolyDrop’s patented technology enhances the electrostatic discharge capabilities of coatings used in the aerospace industry. The PolyDrop formulation utilizes a proprietary, conjugated polymer nanotechnology with a doping process to obtain a product that is introduced into coatings as a liquid additive. PolyDrop’s technology also helps aircraft manufacturers to obtain the weight reduction they desire.  Won the Heinlein Commercial Space Activity prize.   Read more...

Volha Hrechka and Gregory Newbloom Industrial materials, plastics 2014

The contemporary 3D printing process is far too cumbersome for most students and teachers. This prohibits widespread adoption of a technology that offers a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to STEM education.  NVBOTS solution is an easy-to-use and easy-to-share fully-automated 3D printer.  Finalist at Rice Business Plan Competition.  Printer showcased by President Obama at the White House.  Read more…

AJ Perez, Forrest Pieper, Mateo Peña Doll and Christopher Haid Educational, advanced manufacturing, 3 D printing 2014

Nikweli’s connect the low-income, low-skilled blue-collar workers in Tanzania with high-quality private sector jobs. Our venture addresses the job market failure in Tanzania through creation of an innovative job marketplace platform with an online and mobile access and provision of job matching services for both employees and employers. Finalist in Rice Business Plan Competition and Demo Africa.  Read more…

Agnieszka Lyniewska and Tiffany Tong Nikolaos Fotilas, David Smail and Thomas Jensen Economic development and social impact 2014

Innoblative Designs, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to commercializing a novel technology that will make the treatment of early-stage breast cancer better. Developed by a team of surgeons and graduate students at Northwestern University, the company’s disposable radiofrequency ablation (RFA) probe can be used intra-operatively to destroy residual cancer left after the removal of a breast tumor (lumpectomy). thus reducing or eliminating the need for re-operations and dangerous, lengthy, and expensive radiation. Winner or finalist in several competitions including winning at Venture Lab at University of Texas, Austin.  Read more…

Tyler Wanke, Dan McCarthy, Adam Piotrowski and Jason Sandler Mary Spaeth, Erika Spaeth, M.D. Medical device 2014

FocalCast is a mobile application that allows mobile users to present PowerPoints from their tablet or smartphone directly to a display device. The application takes advantage of a new wireless technology, WiFi Direct, which since 2014 has been included in many products such as Epson projectors and Samsung SmartTVs. Won funding at Rice Business Plan Competition.   Read more…

Charlie Beckwith and Devon Turner Mobile and business services 2014

Edenworks is building the world’s first full stack solution for commercial food production: a fusion of aquaponics, data science, and vertical design. The company has an initial rooftop plant in Brooklyn, New York and have several restaurant customers.  The company is targeting partnering with supermarkets to build and operate units on their roofs.  Finalist NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge.   Read more…

Jason Green, Ben Silverman and Matt La Rosa Food production, energy efficiency, aquaponics 2014
A76 Technologies

A-76 Technologies is a corrosion inhibitor and lubricants manufacturing company, providing solutions to a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, maritime, transportation, and household applications.   Won second place at Rice Business Plan Competition.  Securing initial customers.   Read more...

Lauren Thompson and Tim Aramil Corey Avers, Erhan Eren, Wren Kabir Industrial 2014

Developing an affordable, long-lasting, reusable technology, that, when dipped in sugary water, generates enough electricity to charge a cell phone overnight. Targeted for developing countries without reliable electrical infrastructure and for camping.  Semi-finalist Rice Business Plan Competition.  Read more…

Santiago Rojas Carbonell and Joe Doherty Wayne Larocque, Carlos Gorricho Customer products and social venture 2014

BetaGlide is a issue analytics and user management platform for mobile app developers. Mobile app developers can not only find the issues in the app, but also manage devices and users from the same platform.   Finalist at Rice Business Plan Competition.   Read more…

Amritanshu Anand Dinesh Katiyar, Smita Shrivastava Mobile device software 2014

CrowdTunes is replacing expensive, non-interactive music sources with a social, game-ified music marketplace that drives venue sales and is powered from patrons’ phones.  Delivered on an i-Pad, CrowdTunes is making a splash in Raleigh-Durham.   Finalist in Duke Startup Challenge and other competitions.   Read more…

Brandon Magsamen, Rob Witman, Lee Kornfeld, Phil Jacobsen, Joe Bartell, Davis Gossage Raymond Beauchamp, Taimur Rashid Entertainment and mobile applications 2014