University entrepreneurial and technology commercialization programs can substantially improve outcomes from their efforts with well-designed and executed entrepreneurial mentoring programs.  Highly qualified, trained and well managed mentors properly integrated into a university program can often make the difference between a research project and creating a fundable venture or a licensable technology.   Universities can also benefit by involving alumni in mentoring programs.

“Our surveys show that the teams in the Rice Business Plan Competition from the World’s top universities place a very high value on the business mentoring EFN provides. We look forward to continuing to offer high quality mentorship to RBPC teams in partnership with EFN.”

Brad Burke, Managing Director, Rice University Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship

EFN – A Proven Mentoring Program

Founded in 2003 by lecturers and mentors in a University of California, Berkeley venture design practicum, EFN has provided  mentoring program support to several other universities including: Columbia University. Duke University, the Indian School of Business, New York University, Rice University, Stanford University,  University of Michigan,  and the University of Washington.

University Mentoring Support Program

EFN offers a flexible program depending on our university partners’ needs. We work closely with universities to define a service plan that meets the institution’s needs and resources.

  • Enterprise Futures provides universities with candidate volunteer mentors from our organization that meet their requirements (e.g., numbers and mentors with appropriate experience).  EFN also works with universities to engage their alumni. The universities then match mentors to the university students.
  • Our volunteer mentors mentor, coach and advise students during the program with access to EFN’s organizational support.  This activity includes a range of educational activities including referring students to appropriate references, reviewing, commenting on and discussing business plans and other materials, answering questions and advising and guiding the students as appropriate.
  • Enterprise Futures provides workshops together with the university programs to educate the mentors and students on the mentoring process, expectations for mentors and students and mentoring best practices.
University Mentoring Program Design and Development

In addition to supporting existing mentor-based programs and helping them expand with EFN’s mentor and subject matter expert (SME) networks.   EFN provides support to entrepreneurial or technology commercialization programs that desire to formalize their mentoring program or to initiate one.

  • Charter, principles and guidelines
  • Program plan and processes
  • Governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Recruiting
  • Database management
  • Evaluation and measurement

EFN also offers licensing our cloud-based venture mentor management application.